Time to get toasted with your favorite dubes

The dubes are out; Let's get lit!

Our artists are meticulous rollers. With years of study and cultivation behind our craft, the team creates the dube from scratch and there’s always a thick layer of kief in each dube!

Time to mint event









Dec 1

Lighting up the NFT World and rolling out our first set of hand drawn NFTs at 4:20 pm UTC

Jan 2022

420dubesNFT holders who are still blitzed and holding on the established drop date, will wake and bake to a free dube accessory

2022 Q1

Time to hot box with the community and establish a Travel DAO

2022 Q2

10% of our total project profits will be shotgunned in donation baskets for children – will decide on community to assist by vote

2022 Q3

Baking up smart contracts with hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions as we harvest NFTs as receipts for bookings

Head highs take to a new level as we grind fantasy crypto pools where the community can vote to light up any fantasy pool (futbol, basketball, hockey, American football and many other sports). All this will be achieved through smart contracts and sativa 😶‍🌫️

2022 Q4

Sample the Travel DAO with supporting partners (hotels/villas, restaurants and tourist attractions)


Set the Mainnet ablaze with the Travel DAO launch!

Angel OG
Purple Diesel
Pineapple Express
po po kush


What is the 420dubesNFT?

A collection of 420 hand drawn collectible NFT characters

What's special about the 420dubesNFT?

Each dube character tells a story and is associated with a strain and different rarities.  420dubesNFT owners will also be part of our upcoming DAO and possibly a game

How do I get 420dubesNFT?

Minting will be available on 420dubesNFT.com on Dec 1

How much does minting cost?

4.20 SOL for mint

How can I sell my 420dubesNFT?

Once the collection is finished, we aim to list on Magic Eden, SolSea and DigitalEyes

What Solana wallets do you support?

We recommend the Phantom wallet


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